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Queen Bee

Queen Bee is a tested profitable portfolio model above the benchmark at the medium and long term. Investors can apply and test this model at stock markets.

If the growth rates in the balance sheet meet the criteria below, the company offers profitable opportunities for investment.

Asset Growth >= 2.5

Equity Growth >=2

Net Real Operating Growth >=2.5

Ebitda Growth >=2.5

Gross Real Operating Growth >=2.5

Price / Net Real Operating Growth <=20

EV / EBITDA Growth <=20

Dividend Yield Growth >=2.5

You can use this formula to evaluate the investment weights of assets in the model portfolio:


(Asset Growth*10) +

(Equity Growth*10) +

(Net Real Operating Growth *15)+

(Ebitda Growth*15) +

(Gross Real Operating Growth*10) +

(Price / Net Real Operating Growth*15) +

(EV / EBITDA Growth*15) +

(Dividend Yield Growth*10) 

Due to the lack of balance sheets in the blockchain sector, it is not possible to implement this model in the blockchain market yet, but the model can be revised, replicated and implemented within the crypto sector when the necessary conditions are met.